Friday, October 9, 2015

embracing the unexpected. . . or not

Welcome lovely October! My neighbor dropped by early today and we drank coffee at the small square table in my front window, soaking in October light patterns and new day conversation. . . so good!

I like impromptu visits. . .  dropping by your house- tapping on your door, peeking in the window, calling out your name,  turning the door knob perhaps- but of course, you're my sweet friend and you know that about me. These days I text before coming. And each week I reserve clean squares in my red calendar book,  just enough empty to anticipate the unexpected.

So- I've been pulling dusty journals off the closet shelf, pouring over memories recorded in pen or faded pencil, thoughts that amuse and surprise me.  In my soul there's a longing for what was and what is to come . . . Ahh, such are the gathering of days.

 I'm reading the description of Mercy's birth 27 years ago . . .   before dawn as chickens rustled in the courtyard of Susana's house, our tiny daughter was born unexpectedly early.
Mercy was born in Chignahuapan, a mountain town in central Mexico- her's was an impromptu birth.

We were unprepared, totally unprepared, no gas in the van,  no clothes, no blankets for her- in fact everything was still packed away or lent out somewhere. But 7 brothers and sisters were prepared to embrace her. . .we wrapped her in something clean. . .

"I'm frustrated that we're so unprepared for her!" I lamented.

"It's an adventure- isn't the unexpected exciting?" John cheered me on.

But the Lord was clearly at hand- and Susana butchered a chicken in the courtyard at dawn and she  fed us all in celebration that day.

I'm remembering that even in the uncomfortable parts of the unexpected, our God designs comfort for his beloved. Amazing.


Dawn said...

So thankful that her impromptu birth was a safe and healthy one.
My birth stories always ended with enormous babies...and I was thankful for the help in delivering them.
I am amazed at my daughters in law and their home births.

Enjoy the lovely autumn days.
The color is nearly at peak here in the northland.

naomi said...

That is a perfect spot for a morning coffee! I can't believe we haven't shared one there yet!

What a beautiful memory of Mercy's unexpected arrival. I still remember!