Saturday, December 29, 2012

strong confidence

This morning my house is cold. I'm drinking hot tea from a chipped cup. . .
It's the brown and blue 80's cup, the one Abi found at a flea market in California- she brought it home to me in Texas years ago, before she married Nathaniel and moved to New York.
Then my favorite cup was old -now it's old and chipped. 
So, I'm thinking about Abigail and sweet Titus in New York- my mind rambles around the edges of devotional for a baby shower I'll share next month.
I think about the word control. . .and every woman's desire to do it.

A few weeks ago I waited in New York City for my connecting flight to Dallas, surrounded by holiday travel, holiday sounds. . .just hours before Titus had been hospitalized  with respiratory distress.
So, in morning darkness, on the airport curb, Nathaniel and little Florence embraced me-Good bye. . .
 I was flying home to Texas.
Sometimes I just meditate on God's omnipresence-He (not me) can be everywhere at once.
The Lord is your Keeper, the shade on your right hand, He will not slumber nor sleep. . . (Ps 121)

Titus had a bumpy ride- machines, therapy, medication, tubes, questions. . .then after a week in the hospital, on Christmas day Titus and his mom came home.
 Abi shared, "I'm so thankful to be at home, but in the hospital machines scream when my baby is in danger."
Ahh, yes, I understand that heart-mind tug of war. . .and choose this minute to remember-
"In the fear of the Lord there is strong confidence, and His children will have refuge." (Prov 14:26)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

sweets at night and in the morning. . .

When I visit Abigail and Nathaniel in New York, we bake sweets. . .and eat sweets.
So, in the spirit of the season, I made an apple crostada  on Monday-then on to gingerbread with lots of cream to whip up--ahh, the delight of whipped cream on almost anything!

And in the midst of the gingerbread project, it became apparent that it was pretty near time for the dear little baby to be born (really, I told Abi that she needn't scour the lower cupboard for the black strap molasses.)

So-the sweetest of all, Titus Newton Jackson,  was born late Monday night.
And in the morning I asked Florence, "Would you like apple pie and ice cream for breakfast?"
"Yes!" she piped.
And that's what we did to celebrate. . .Florence and me, pie and ice cream in the morning.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

in train stations and airports, in the snow. . .

So, I'm going on a trip, leaving tomorrow-by train and by plane.
But first I have to get everything ready here at home.
that's every woman's first job-
 I bought 2 gallons of milk and Hershey's cocoa for the man at home.
we printed a December calendar and sketched in the important dates-
so he won't forget. . .

I'll miss home and him-but I'm going to New York for the baby.
I'll trip through train stations and airports, through the snow,
in my favorite clogs-that have developed an irritating squeek-
perhaps you'll hear me going and coming.  
 And I'll be back.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

home for the holiday

I cleaned the empty upstairs before the family came for Thanksgiving and discovered boxes and binders of baseball cards and stamp collections in the boys' closet.
The youngest boy says that it all belongs to his brothers, but  he assured me, "The baseball cards are valuable, really."
I put the boy treasures back on the shelf and closed the closet door.

Mr. Vale use to tune our piano in November- every year, right before the holidays.
After the tuning the children would play their pieces for Mr. Vale and he was pleased.
So-the children moved away, the piano hasn't been tuned in years.
But Mercy came home for Thanksgiving and she made music on our neglected piano, thumping the sticky keys, she played -and I was pleased.

And one evening, right before the family dispersed, I heard man feet walking on the hardwood floors upstairs.  It was Brett and his big man feet!  I thought about the four boys who use to live up their, who grew up to be men-and I was pleased.