Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Beauty everywhere. . .

So, I've been to California and back  - and here my blog sits, blank and lonely as I process my life between here and there. . .

Everywhere I see God's beauty-- pomegranates, exquisite California beauties! I deseeded a dozen, being advised that breaking up the fruit under running water controls the squirting crimson juices!

Everywhere I see God's beauty--a cardboard container of savory clam chowder, a hike along the Mendocino coast,  banks of ice plant turned red, sounds and smells of the Pacific, the foam of mighty waves.

Everywhere I see God's beauty- this week I'm wandering my neighborhood with a small brown sack, picking up pecans- round, oval, striped, thin and hard shell- on sidewalks, I'm rescuing stragglers from streets; it's what I do most years in November, imagining what delicious treat I will create with God's bounty.

Everywhere I see God's beauty- I keep looking since beauty is often wedged between the messy,  the burdens, the brokenness. The other day we helped our friend pack up her family home; the house sold- now what?  God has a space, a plan- but for now much is a mystery for my dear friend.

I see brokenness. But everywhere I see God's beauty-- because He is there.

We need never shout across the spaces to an absent God. 
He is is nearer than our own soul closer than our most secret thoughts. 
(A.W. Tozer)

(And tomorrow we're off to the Carolinas-- I'll look for God's beauty there)