Friday, October 16, 2015

iron sharpens iron

Lately I've been thinking about this quote and embracing the worthy pursuit. . . .

Never resist even the least urge to pray

Never resist even the least urge. . .
So I come humbly,  Lord, open the eyes of my heart, make me keen to your promptings! 

 I'm praying more. . . .impromptu prayers, over the phone, over coffee, over and amid every situation and conversation. I'm leaning hard into God that way, trusting that prayer will grow more a part of my inner self, if you know what I mean?

I shared the challenge with the women in my Bible study and received this text from a friend:

I heard your voice in my head last night saying, "Don't ignore the Holy Spirit's prompting to pray."After some internal debate I obeyed and prayed audibly over my husband for his rest and work stresses. Thanks for spurring me on to obedience.

And thanks, friend, for spurring me on-- so like iron sharpens iron, so one woman sharpens another.

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