Monday, September 27, 2010

birthdays and a blue sweater

Luke, Noah, and Josiah were all born in September.
I do love celebrating their birthdays. . .however, I'm not one of those creative, energetic birthday party moms-no theme parties, scavenger hunts, mystery dinners, clowns, magicians. . .and sometimes just thinking about September makes me tired (Aye, what a mother!)
so, the birthdays came and went (sigh) and the boys grew up-now all have wives to help celebrate; wouldn't you know it-we've added 3 more September birthdays to the family talley. this weekend we celebrated 3 around the dinner table at Luke and Gabrielle's house with some homemade stuff: pesto for Luke, rhubarb pie for Brett, and a tri-colored sweater for our little Landis-sweet 1 year old boy.
hmmm, it's nice to remember birthdays. . . and to knit for grandchildren.


Jane said...

I like the sweater, Darcie!! So soft looking. I love the picture of John holding Landis. I do believe this is the first I've ever seen John wearing a bow tie! Very dapper looking, I must say. Landis is a very sweet boy. One year olds are just soooo precious!!

Dawn said...

Love the sweater! Oh, how I wish I was a knitter. You would NOT want to see what my knitting looks like.
You sound like the same sort of mom that I was. No frills. We were happy to be able to afford a simple cake and candles and a little something for the one celebrating.
Didn't hurt them any.
None are on a couch that I know of.