Wednesday, October 14, 2009

testimony of endurance. . .

for you have need of endurance (Heb 10:36). . .hmmm, that's true for me, so I've been thinking about it- studying it . . .here's a good definition:
Endurance- steady determination to keep going regardless of the temptation to slow down or give up.
I admit I'm tempted to slow down and even to give up when circumstances press on me. I admit that sometimes amid the race I'm tempted to hault, to shout, "I hate this race!"
hmmm, then I remember Jesus, who walked steadfastly to the cross, who bore my sins in his body that I might die to sin and live to righteousness. . .
One day in July, John and I were encouraged by a testimony of endurance-actually two in one day; we call it our widows day. It all began with a ferry ride across the Pudget Sound to Edmonds, Washington where we met our friend Lonita.

We first met Roy and Lonita 30 years ago during transition times; they were returning to the States after years of missionary service in the Philippians-we were getting ready to leave the States for Mexico. Lonita has gently spoken God's truth to me over the decades, mostly through letters. The year I turned 42, she shared with me the challenges of menopause, what God had taught her -I'm thankful for her transparency; I remember that and try to do the same.
Lonita is 84- last year her dear husband went to be with the Lord; she lives with her daughter, is declining physically-but oh, so cheerful!
So, over lunch that day in July, I asked Lonita how I can pray for her, "Pray that I would be fruitful for God." she said.
Next we drove 2 hours to visit our friend Dottie in Bellingham.
30 years ago when John and I first moved to Mexico, we met Ray and Dottie-they had served God in a Mexican village, raised their boys and moved to Puebla for a new ministry; we were green, they were seasoned. . . can you imagine how I flooded Dottie with questions? sometimes it was the language, the customs, other times it was my own sick child; when we came from the village to Puebla for a day, I visited Dottie, sitting in her tiny kitchen. . . she introduced me to books by missionary Isobel Kuhn and encouraged me to borrow one off her shelf for a good village read!
Dottie is 83; her dear husband went to be with the Lord 20 years ago. So, over dinner in July, we talked about her transition back to the States, about God's lessons and goodness, about her ministry to college girls (that's right, she's still discipling girls!). I asked Dottie how I can pray for her, "Pray that I'll stay the course", she said.
Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight and sin. . .and let us run with endurance the race set before us. . . (Heb 12:1,2)
I'm convinced of God's calling on my life to be faithful in the race- for me, Lonita and Dottie are part of that great cloud of witnesses who loudly cheer me on to keep running. . . with endurance.


Naomi Smith said...

I want to be like that too!

sometimes it frustrates me that I already have moments of feeling weary of the race . . . I want to continue, and finish strong.

Rachel said...

this put tears in my eyes!

and now I know, I have aunt Dottie to thank for my years spent with Isobel Kuhn's books. It makes those stories all the more dear.

Jane said...


Thank you. Just thank you.
I have tears in my eyes also.
You encourage me to lace up my running shoes and get back at it, casting aside every hindrance, every distraction, and the sin which so easily besets me!

I love the photos, and so good to see Lonita again.

Love, Jane